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Daily Cool Down

Daily Cool Down

At the end of physical activity it is recommended to cool down. This can include simple exercises to decrease heart rate and stretch out the utilized muscles.

If your workout was aerobic (run, hike, fast skiing, etc.) cool down with a slower paced walk

Try these exercises every day for a quick and effective cool down – Hold each for 10-15 seconds

  • Quadriceps – Lying on your right side, pull left heel into left glute, feeling the stretch in the front of the thigh. Repeat with the right leg.
  • Hamstrings – Lying on your back, lift and straighten one leg directly above hips. Holding the calf or thigh, press heel toward ceiling as you pull leg back toward chest. Switch legs.
  • Glutes – Lying on your back, cross right leg over bent left knee. Then bring left knee to chest, holding onto the back of your thigh, gently pressing right knee wide. Switch legs.
  • Chest – Standing straight, interlace fingers behind your back as you straighten out your arms and lift chin to ceiling.
  • Triceps/shoulders – Take one arm overhead, bend at elbow joint, and extend palm down centre of your back, gently pulling elbow with opposite hand. Take same arm across the chest, gently pulling at the elbow joint, to extend through the shoulder. Switch arms.
  • Core/back – On all fours, round out your back (like an angry cat), and then invert it, making a C-shape with your spine, Repeat three times. Then sit back between your heels, forehead on the mat, arms extended in front of you, as you lengthen your back.

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