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Check out these Active Recovery guidelines and workout ideas!

What is Active Recovery?

Active recovery is a light recovery workout that’s done to speed up your workout recovery time.

Active Recovery Guidelines

  • Low Volume – You don’t want to tear down your muscle again. The point of active recovery is to recover. Keep your work volume low.
  • Low Intensity – Straining your central nervous system (CNS) is not going to help you recover. Keep your exercise intensity on the low side so that you are mentally and physically ready for your next “real” workout.
  • Get Your Heart Rate Up – For active recovery to be effective, you need to get your heart rate up so that you can get some extra blood flow to your muscles. No higher than 60% of your max heart rate (220 – your age). Any higher and you’re venturing into the workout zone.

Active Recovery Workout Ideas

  • Walking – Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Go to the park, or take your dog for a walk.
  • Biking – Take your bike out for a scenic ride. Enjoy the fresh air while you recover.
  • Stretching/Yoga – Work on your mental health as you pump nutrient-filled blood to your muscles.
  • Sports – Have some fun playing a sport you enjoy. Don’t go crazy. Shoot some baskets or do some light rock climbing.
  • Massage – Not really active, but it serves the same purpose. It helps get blood flow and essential nutrients to the muscles, and it feels great too.

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