Cliff House Power Salad GF/DF

Makes 14 servings
This is a great and simple salad that can be enjoyed by all holds well up to 3 days!
2 cups Shredded carrot sticks (organic preferred)
4 cups Cooked and Cooled Quinoa
4 large bunches Kale Picked and Cleaned
2 cups Raisins
1 Tbs salt, pepper
2 cups Lemongrass Vin or light citrus vinaigrette
 1 cup Sunflower seeds
Pick and Clean kale from the stem and tear into bite size pieces
Season kale and dress with dressing massage dressing into kale with hands
Add cooked quinoa, carrots, and raisins and mix thoroughly
Place in large bowl garnish with sunflower seeds.
Cliff house Lemongrass Vin.
3 stalks Lemongrass
3 shallots medium
4 oz lemon juice
6 oz rice wine vinegar
6 oz sweet mirin
12 oz yuzu juice
3 tbs salt
1 tbs white pepper
½ cup sugar
½ gallon canola oil
4 oz Water
Cut lemongrass into small pieces place in vita prep or blender
Pulse lemongrass add shallots, salt pepper and sugar blend till smooth
Add rest of ingredients and blend then drizzle oil slowly emulsify dressing

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