Maintain flexibility with this warm-up and cool-down.

Sample Dynamic Warm-up (Do 10 reps of each exercise below):

  • Standing Squat- Hands behind head, feet shoulder width apart, squat as low as you can
  • Jumping Jacks- Start with arms and legs together, jump out/arms out and then back to start
  • Seal Jumps- Same as above but now arms move forward/back
  • Highland Fling- Same as above but not criss cross arms/legs
  • Leg Swings Forward/Backward- Hand on wall, swing leg forward/backward, then switch sides
  • Leg Swings Side/Side- Same as above but now side to side crossing the leg in front of you
  • Torso Twists- Reach up, around, down and then back around up to start
  • Forward/Backward Arm Circles- Swing both arms around forward, then backwards
  • Side to Side Arm Swings- Same as above but now side to side

Sample Cool-Down Static Stretches (Hold each exercise below for 20-30 seconds):

  • Side Bend Pulling Wrist- Start feet wider than shoulders, pull left wrist overhead and lean to right, then reverse
  • Crossover Shoulder Stretch- Relax shoulders, pull one arm across your chest holding at upper arm, switch
  • Forward Bend- Feet wide, arms interlocked behind back, exhale bend over and let upper body hang
  • Hip Flexors- Right knee down, left leg out, knee bent, lean forward making sure knee does not pass toes, switch
  • Hamstrings- Right knee down, left leg straight out, bend over, reach hands on either side of leg, switch
  • Calf Stretch- Push-up position, alternate pressing right heel then left heel towards ground

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