Wellness Tips

Outdoor Fitness Safety Tips

Over the next couple weeks, check out these tips for staying safe while getting out and enjoying the outdoors!

Tip #1:
Tell someone where you are going- Mention when you expect to be back, whether you’re alone or in a group. In the event you don’t make it back, because you’re injured or lost, someone will notice, and search parties can be sent out right away. It really helps if they know where you were headed. There are also many tracking devices out there such as the Spot that you may consider investing in if you plan to spend a lot of time in the back country. Remember, there’s a lot of nature out there and only one you to find!

Tip #2:
Have the Right Gear- A pocket knife, compass and map (make sure you know how to use them) are at the top of the list. Don’t forget a first-aid kit, matches or a lighter, and plenty of food and water. If you’re going up into the mountains, bring warm clothes. If you’re staying overnight, make sure to bring everything you need for camping.

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